Starys and Wildlife


If you have found a stray dog or cat, first check to see if they have a collar with identification and then if possible contact the owner to reunite them.

If there is no collar and tag then you must contact the local council. The council is not obliged to pick up strays but will accept strays if taken to the pound. The council has full access to the microchip register and they are best placed to reunite owners and their pets. If the animal is injured we will be happy to help but the council will also be informed.

The Goulburn companion animal facility (pound) is located at 41 Ross St Bradfordville. The phone number for the pound is 02 4823 4409.

The phone number for the council office is 02 4823 4444The after hours duty officer number is 02 4822 1080.


If you find an injured or distressed native animal either contact WIRES on 1300 094 737 or bring it into our hospital. It is best to keep the animal warm and secure in a box, cage or bag. We will assess the animal and then pass it onto WIRES if it is likely that it can be rehabilitated.

For injured non-native, feral animals we will humanely handle them but they will not be released back into the environment.
Please do not bring to the clinic venomous snakes as we do not have a qualified handler.

Warning: do not handle bats as they can carry a type of rabies virus. Please contact WIRES for advice. We will not accept bats at the clinic due to the danger to public health.