At Southern Tablelands Veterinary Hospital we have state of the art in-house laboratory equipment that enables us to perform many laboratory tests within minutes to achieve:

  • an accurate and rapid diagnosis for your pet, particularly in an afterhours setting
  • allow monitoring of blood glucose levels
  • aid in improving fluid therapy refinement
  • health checks prior to anaesthetics, especially in elderly patients
  • monitor hormonal conditions and therapy e.g. for hyperadrenocorticism and thyroid disease

These tests can be used to evaluate blood, fluid or body tissues in order to identify and monitor diseases.

The tests we can perform include blood chemistries, complete blood counts, hormonal levels, blood clotting time, urinalysis, parasite identification, diagnosis of infectious diseases, microscopic diagnosis of some tumours and examination of skin and ear swabs.

Rapid in house testing is especially important in very ill animals and those requiring immediate or emergency treatment. It is also useful to perform pre-anaesthetic blood screening on the day of surgery prior to a general anaesthetic.

Some of the more specialised tests may need to be performed by an external veterinary laboratory. This fully accredited laboratory can give us next day results for some tests whilst other tests will take longer for the results to be available.

Please contact us ask for more advice if you think your pet would benefit from a laboratory test.