Bird Care

Birds can make excellent pets and they can provide years of enjoyment but care needs to be taken when choosing the right bird for you. Some birds live for a long time for example a cockatoo can live as long as a person so they are an extremely long-term commitment.

Some birds require large flight areas or time out of the cage or boredom and behavioural problems can arise. Certain birds are not suitable for inside housing but cope better in outside aviaries. Other birds like canaries don’t like handling but can live inside happily.

The enclosure needs to provide protection from the extremes of weather and of a suitable size, visit the RSPCA website for size recommendations. Perches need to be of a suitable size for the bird’s foot made out of wood with the use of nontoxic natural branches a better option. Behavioural enrichment by providing toys and activities will help make a happier and healthier pet.

Birds have a varied natural diet and different species require different foods. In general, an all seed diet is not adequate and can lead to health problems. For most caged birds a diet consisting of a balanced pelleted bird food with daily fresh vegetables and occasion fruit is recommended.

Fresh clean water should always be provided.