Rabbit Care

Rabbit can make good pets but do require some care. They need protection from weather extremities and animal attack, they require some exercise out of their enclosure and their enclosure needs to have adequate ventilation and suitable bedding e.g. hay, they shouldn’t be kept on bare wire.

They should be handled regularly and can be allowed inside in suitable areas or under supervision. Some rabbits can be trained to use a kitty litter tray.

Rabbits should be vaccinated against calicivirus, desexed (females are prone to cancer of the uterus and males can become aggressive), teeth regularly checked and coat checked and kept clean.

Rabbits are true herbivores and their diet needs to be high in fibre. A suitable diet consists mainly of pasture hay, with fresh grass, leafy vegetables and only a small amount of rabbit pellets. Allows provide plenty of water by the use of water bottles.