Insurance and Payment Options

Pet insurance can cover the cost of some or all of the treatment that your pet may need as a result of serious illness or accident. Pet insurance can give you the peace of mind to know that if your pet ever needed costly treatment you would be able to provide that care to your pet. The cost involved in unexpected illness or injury can be substantial.

Pet insurance may allow you to be able to afford your pet to be referred to a specialist facility where highly trained and equipped specialist veterinarians can offer your pet the highest possible level of care and facilities including advanced imaging such as CT and MRI or hip replacements.

Insurances typically do not cover preventative healthcare such as vaccinations, worming and flea medications and desexing surgeries; only some policies will cover dental procedures.

Please consider pet insurance especially while your pet is young as it will be too late to take out insurance once an illness or injury has occurred and they have pre-existing conditions restricting claims.

We now offer a number of payment options such as Vetpay and Zip pay to help with larger payments. This needs to be organised prior to the consultation or surgery. Our trained staff can help you with the steps to set up these facilities. Please note we do not offer accounts and payment must be at the time of consultation.