At Southern Tablelands Veterinary Hospital we stock a large range of veterinary medicines in order to treat and keep your pets healthy. These include a range of antibiotics to treat infections, pain relief to keep your pet comfortable, skin, eye and ear medications, heart medications, medicated shampoos plus veterinary prescription diets to help with a diagnosed condition.

We can also arrange to have a medication compounded if your pet has a specific need that cannot be met with regularly available medication.

For any advice regarding medication that you have been prescribed for your pet please contact our staff who will be happy to discuss your pet’s needs.

We are able to provide prescriptions for online veterinary pharmacies but we need to maintain a regular client patient relationship to do this which involves seeing the patient at not less than 6 monthly intervals. We can dispense medications based on a prescription provided by another registered veterinarian. We require a signed copy of their prescription for our records. 

As there is a cost to hold/warehouse and supply medications in our pharmacy for the convenience of having them on site; there is a script fee on our medications. Please don’t hesitate to ask us about medication costs and ensuring the best value for money for your medications through the supply of generics or dispensing a larger quantity of medications when the animal will be on them lifelong.

To help with waiting times to refill your script we ask that you phone ahead so that in peak times you do not wait as a veterinarian will need to check your script before it is authorised to be dispensed.

We note that some medications require blood tests while the patient is taking them; to measure blood levels of the drugs, or electrolytes or kidney and liver function. These tests may be required before further prescriptions can be prescribed to ensure the safety of your pet.