Wellbeing Services for your pets in Goulburn

At Southern Tablelands Veterinary Hospital we have a wide range of Wellbeing Services to help keep your pet healthy.

Click on one of our Wellbeing Services below to learn more about:

Behavioural Advice

Behavioural problems are common in cats and dogs. They can also occur in other pets in particular caged birds. 

Insurance and Payment Options

Pet insurance can cover the cost of some or all of the treatment that your pet may need as a result of serious illness or accident.

Micro Chipping

A microchip is a small implant that is about the size of a grain of rice. It is injected under the skin in the area between the pet’s shoulder blades.

Pet Care

Pet ownership has many responsibilities but the rewards include companionship, affection and entertainment. 

Strays and Wildlife

If you have found a stray dog or cat, first check to see if they have a collar with identification and then if possible contact the owner to reunite them.