Ferret Care

Ferrets are intelligent and inquisitive animals that can make good pets if they are handled and training correctly. They are similar in size to a small dog and have similar exercise requirements so being kept all day in a small cage would not be appropriate. Exercise out of the cage or living in a ferret-proof area is necessary to provide quality of life.

Ferrets need to be vaccinated against distemper and both sexes should be desexed. If female ferrets are not desexed they can come into heat and remain in heat until they are mated. Female ferrets who remain in heat development anaemia and if not treated, they will die. Desexing ferrets can also reduce the musky smell they produce.

Ferrets are carnivores and need to be feed a high protein diet. Fresh red meat, raw bones including chicken wings and some dry cat food can provide an adequate diet.

Always provide fresh drinking water.