Rabbit and Ferret Vaccinations

Rabbit Vaccinations

All pet rabbits in Australia should now be vaccinated against rabbit calicivirus (RHDV). The disease is almost always fatal and death occurs rapidly, within 12 – 18 hours, from respiratory and heart failure. There is no known treatment.

Vaccination should be performed by your vet in young rabbits (kittens) at 4, 8, 12 weeks of age then 6 monthly for life. Adults receive 2 vaccinations 1 month apart then 6 monthly for life. This is an off label protocol for RHDV2 a newly released variety of calicvirus.

There is no vaccination available in Australia to protect rabbits against myxomatosis. As this disease is transferred by mosquitoes, having insect screens on your rabbit’s outside hutch may help limit exposure.

Ferret Vaccinations

Pet ferrets should be vaccinated against distemper virus. Vaccines should be done from 8 weeks of age 3-4 weeks apart with the last vaccination given at a minimum age of 14 weeks. A booster vaccination is then needed a year later.

Please contact the clinic for advice on a vaccination schedule for your ferret.