Pet Care Services in Goulburn

Pet ownership has many responsibilities but the rewards include companionship, affection and entertainment. No pet ownership should be embarked on without thinking through all the implications. To be a responsible pet owner requires the ability to provide for all your pet’s needs.

When selecting the pet that is right for you, you will need to take into account costs of buying and providing for your pet, time needed to provide care, the accommodation and environment suitable for the pet and making sure you comply with the relevant regulations in regards to keeping that pet.

It is beyond the scope of this site to go into detail on all different pets and their care, however some areas of pet care will be addressed here.

Dog Care

The choice of a breed of dog can be very difficult, whether a purebred or cross breed. Take into account size, coat type, need for exercise, likely personality and health problems before deciding what breed is right for you.

Cat Care

Cat’s needs are generally less demanding than dogs but they can live up to 15-20 years so are a long-term commitment. They can give years of companionship and enjoyment.

Rabbit Care

Rabbit can make good pets but do require some care. They should be handled regularly and can be allowed inside in suitable areas or under supervision. Some rabbits can be trained to use a kitty litter tray.

Ferret Care

Ferrets are intelligent and inquisitive animals that can make good pets if they are handled and training correctly. They are similar in size to a small dog and have similar exercise requirements so being kept all day in a small cage would not be appropriate.

Rats and Mice Care

Rats and mice can make great pets especially for children. Their average life is only 2 years so they are not as a long term commitment as a dog or cat. Daily handling from a young age will make them a better pet.

Guinea Pigs Care

Guinea pigs can also make good pets for children. They are social animals and do better in a group or with at least one other guinea pig; although two male guinea pigs can fight. Daily handling from a young age will make a quieter and better pet.

Bird Care

Birds can make excellent pets and they can provide years of enjoyment but care needs to be taken when choosing the right bird for you.

Reptile Care

Reptiles can make interesting pets but require unique care. Reptiles commonly kept as pets include bearded dragons, bluetongue lizards, pythons and Cunningham skinks.