Surgical Vet Services in Goulburn

At Southern Tablelands Veterinary Hospital we have the ability to perform a variety of surgeries from minor procedures to major extensive and complex procedures. We perform surgery almost every day including emergency after hour’s surgery.

We can perform soft tissue surgery, ophthalmic surgery and orthopaedic surgery.

Soft tissue surgeries that we commonly perform include:

  • Desexing (more details here)
  • Laparotomy (surgical opening of the abdomen)
  • Removal of tumours
  • Cleaning and stitching of wounds
  • Caesarean section
  • Removing intestinal obstructions
  • Removal of bladder stones
  • Draining of abscesses
  • Ear surgery: Aural haematomas and lateral ear resections to aid ear infections
  • Nasal plane resections (opening of the nostrils) for brachycephalic breeds

For more complex cases we can refer the pet to a specialist centre in order for them to receive the highest possible care. Currently, we have the mobile specialist surgical service VSOS (Veterinary Specialists of Sydney) coming to us to perform complex procedures approximately once a month. Find more information about VSOS via this link


Orthopaedic surgery is surgery involving joints or bones. This surgery can be very complex and demanding often requiring a high level of expertise and equipment.

We can perform some procedures but

Some examples of orthopaedic surgery that we commonly perform include:

  • repair of broken bones
  • cruciate ligament repair
  • amputations for severely damaged limbs or bone cancers

Ophthalmic surgery is surgery involving the eye. We also have a visiting eye specialist that can examine your pet at our clinic and advise on the best treatment for your pet including surgery at their specialist centre.

At Southern Tablelands Veterinary Hospital we can perform many ophthalmic (eye) procedures including:

  • Eyelid tumour removal
  • Entropion correction (eyelids that turn inward)
  • Prolapsed third eyelid replacement (also known as cherry eye)
  • Enucleation (removal of eye) for severely damaged or diseased eyes

Whether your pet requires minor surgery or an emergency lifesaving operation we will endeavour to do our utmost to ensure your pet receives the attention and care they deserve.