Dog Care

The choice of a breed of dog can be very difficult, whether a purebred or cross breed. Take into account size, coat type, need for exercise, likely personality and health problems before deciding what breed is right for you.

Responsible pet care includes vaccination, desexing, microchipping, worming, flea control, possible tick and heartworm preventative, correct diet and coat care. Dogs need a suitable diet consisting of a well-balanced, preferably a high quality commercial food with additional products to care for teeth.

We recommend feeding dry dog biscuits with occasional raw bones or dental chews as the main basis for a balanced diet. As your puppy grows they will change from a puppy diet to adult. They always require free access to water. Please consult our trained staff to discuss your puppy’s needs.

Foods to avoid feeding your dog include grapes, chocolate, onions, garlic, avocado, and macadamias. There can be concerns about raw meats with salmonella, and we must remember calorie component of many of the semi-moist foods manufactured foods.

Goulburn pets well being. Dog with showbag at Goulburn vet hospital.

Grain free diets can be harmful to you dog causing cardiac issues. If necessary due to dietary allergies a gluten free diet can still be provided with an alternate carbohydrate source such as potato or sorghum can be provided.

Dietary allergies to protein, is more common than gluten and we have a number of novel protein diets to help in this situations. We supply diets fortified with essential fatty acids for skin issues, glucosamine for arthritis and reduced calorie to assist with weight loss. Our staff are trained to help with the best diet for your pet.

Dogs require suitable bedding in an area protected from the weather; this can be inside or outside the house dependent on both the type of dog and your preference. Grooming needs to include consideration for nail clipping and ear care. For dogs regularly clipped this will influence the cost of caring for your pet. Dogs also need an escape proof yard and regular exercise and training.