Snake Season Has Well and Truly Begun!

After being found collapsed on his owner’s front door step, Charlie presented to us on 4th September as an After Hours Emergency. Charlie was unable to use his back legs and was hypothermic (very low body temperature). It was initially suspected that Charlie had either been hit by a car or had some form of toxicity. Bloods were run and they showed that Charlie was dehydrated and had an extremely elevated CK level. An elevated CK level is typically associated with snake bites but also from trauma if there has been muscle damage.

Charlie was placed on IV fluids and we started to warm his body temperature using heating pads and heated saline bags. We took radiographs of Charlie’s abdomen and chest and there were no signs of trauma or fractures/dislocations to his spine or pelvis. After further discussion with Charlie’s owners regarding the elevated CK level they elected for us to administer Padula Tiger-brownantivenom.

After being on fluids overnight and monitored in hospital Charlie began to show signs of improvement! During a visit with his owners on 5th September we observed Charlie walking around the room normally and interacting like his normal self. We sent Charlie home that day and then saw him for a recheck on 12th September. Charlie’s owners were pleased to inform us that he was back to his normal self.

Please be very vigilant with your pets this snake season! If you notice any unusual behaviour from your pet give us a call on 4821 1966 or pop up to the hospital in cases of emergency.